Disney Count Down Board

Disneyland Count Down Chalkboard
20160121_092805 (1)
Disney Count Down Chalkboard

I am absolutely in love with this board. We are headed to Disneyland very soon and I think I am more excited about it than they are. If you are interested in making one I will list of the steps that I did it.

I went to Lowes and bought a board that was 10 feet long and 11.25 inches wide. I cut them into 10 12X11.25 inches boards. (Something that everyone doesn’t know is that Lowes will cut your wood for you. They will do 2 cuts for free and everyone after that is $.25. This is a great deal for us that don’t have the tools at home.

I went home and painted it a bright Micky Mouse red. I would let it dry over night if working with vinyl.

I cut my vinyl using my Silhouette machine. (I love this machine. I use it for everything)

After I applied the vinyl I taped the bottom rectangle of with paper and painters tape and sprayed it with chalkboard paint.

After letting that dry I applied the white vinyl boarder and the 2 yellow buttons.

Hooray you are done with your own count down and you will be headed to Disneyland to.


Fun Family Reunion, Baby Shower, or Teacher Appreciation Gift



Every year I have the same customer bring me their family reunion quilt. Every year each person in the family colors a block how ever they would like and they piece it into a quilt and give it to their grandparents.

I thought this would be a great blog post because you can use this for many different activities. I thought that it would be fun for a baby shower. Have everyone at the shower color a block of fabric and piece it into an adorable quilt for the new little one.

I have also used this idea for a teacher appreciation gift and door decoration. I didn’t want to decorate the door so I thought of this idea. The teacher loved it and she will have something to help her remember these kids.

So the first thing that you will need is a pattern. The easiest one is probably equal squares. The teacher appreciation one I just drew up on my own. I wanted the pictures to be the focal point. I would use a white or light colored fabric to do the drawings on. This way they will show up.


I would color the pictures first and then sew the quilt together but remind the people coloring you will need a 1/4inch seam allowance. This mean don’t let them color all the way to the edge because once you sew it you won’t be able to see the whole picture.

I used these markers and they worked great. I think I got them from Joanns. Make sure you use a coupon.

After your quilt is sewn together, quilted, and bound the person who is going to recieve this is guaranteed to love it.

If you have any question please feel free to ask and happy crafting.

Sew Easy Infinity Scarf



I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday wandering in the fabric department and I found some adorable lightweight knit fabrics. I thought that I could come home and teach my daughter how to make them, but when I came home she wanted to go play with friends. I was just way to excited so I started this project. I found the following tutorial


I already had my fabric cut to 18 inches so away I sewed. I took me 20 min and for the cost of $6 my daughter has 3 new scarfs. She is so excited and can’t wait to wear them.

I hope you have just as much fun as I did.

Happy Sewing

Entryway Chevron Wall


This is the project that I just finished. I absolutely love the way that it turned out. I followed the instructions on http://www.unexpectedahas.blogspot.com/2013/02/a-seriously-easy-chevron-wall.html It was so easy and adds something my entryway was lacking. Now I just hope my husband loves it as much as me.

Kids Art Display



I made this adorable art display for my children’s art work. I will show you how I made it. It only cost me $3. I just loved how it turned out.


My uncle bought a new house and found this in it. I was so excited because I had been thinking of how I wanted to do this project. I asked friends if I should paint it but they all like the distressed looked so I kept it with the distressed look. When I turned it over there was already some screws so all I did was wrap the crochet thread around each screw and then tie a few knots and then stretched it to the screw that was across and wrapped and tied a few knots. As you can see I did 3 down and 4 across. Again I just used the screws that were already there.


I found some fabric in my stash that I liked and was big enough. Make sure you press it so you don’t have any wrinkles or creases in the fabric. I got out my glue gun and just glued it onto the back. Make sure if there is a pattern that you glue it on straight. Mine is not straight and it bugs me. And also make sure that the fabric is pulled tight so you don’t have any places that sag.


This is what the back should look like when you are done glueing the fabric on.

And this is what it should not look like when you are done.


This is what it looks like hung up and with some beautiful artwork on it. I just used tiny clothes pins from Hobby Lobby to connect the paper to the string. My kids are so excited to show their artwork. I absolutely loved how it turned out. I hope you like how yours turned out.


The Bling Pumpkin


So it was time to decorate pumpkins at our house this Halloween and I have seen some really cute painted pumpkins on pinterest. I decided I was going to try it. I have learned a few things and I thought I would share them with you. Let’s get started.

Things that you will need:
White Pumpkin
Acrylic Paint
2 paint brushes
Heat Embossing tool
Embossing glitter
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Bling of some sort

Step one, I started by dividing my pumpkin. I did this by the natural curves of the pumpkin. I did start with a white pumpkin. I love the white pumpkins. I painted the sections that I wanted to with silver acrylic paint. This took about 4 coats letting them dry in between coats. I cheated and used my heat embosser to make it dry faster.

Step two, find your mod podge and some embossing glitter. I painted a section of the pumpkin with the mod podge with one brush and with a clean paint brush I dipped the bring in the embossing glitter and dabbed over the mod podge. This should make the glitter stick. Do this to all the sections that are not painted.
When you are done with this heat up the embossing glitter with your heat embossing gun. This should dry the mod podge and set the embossing glitter.
Step three, Get your glue gun and bling. Following the natural lines of the pumpkin and put about an inch of glue and then hurry and put yourbling on. I wouldn’t do to big of a line of glue because it will dry to fast. Do this around the whole pumpkin, and when you are done you will have a bling pumpkin. Happy Crafting.

Easy Halloween Wreath

Easy Halloween Wreath

Easy Halloween Wreath

Easy Halloween Wreath

So the ladies is the neighborhood get together to do craft night. Everyone just brings a craft they want to work on and we talk and eat treats. So I needed to to find a craft I could take to craft night. I went to my craft storage, ( the place where I put all my projects that I haven’t got to). I realized that I had a wooden wreath that I got from the dollar store and I thought Halloween. I have tons of fabric in my stash, I started looking through it and found these. I loved the bright colors so then I could get it started.
First step, Tear your green fabric with a width of 2 inches.
Second step, wrap you wreath with the green fabric stabilizing with you hot glue gun.
Third Step, tear your chevron fabric with the width of 3.5″
Fourth step, tie your chevron fabric around you wreath and make a knot and cut your fabric (use this piece of fabric as a template for the rest of the chevron for the length). Repeat this step until you like how it looks. I did just under a quarter of the wreath.
Fifth step, Make rosettes. If you need a tutorial check this on out http://www.thehappierhomemaker.com/2013/01/fabric-rosette-tutorial.html
Sixth Step, Lay out you rosettes to how you would like them and hot glue them down

Yay you are done and have a fun Halloween wreath.

Halloween Wall Hanging



This is the second wall hanging that I have done like this. I love how they turned out so I wanted to share it with everyone. The rest of the pictures are some close up of it. Check out http://www.kimberbelldesigns.com for the pattern.
spider web quilting

Our Little Scarecrow


I am such a mean mom. In the past years I have made my kids pick their Halloween costumes out of the dress up box. I asked my 10-year-old daughter what she was going to be for Halloween this year and she told me Darth Maul (the red face dude from Star Wars). I thought that there was no way I was going to dress like that this year. So in one of may many trips to Joanns fabric store, I found some cute fall fabric colors and wondered what I could make out of it. It came to me, she could be a cute scarecrow. I made the skirt for the most part it was pretty easy. I had her sweater in the closet and the ruffles were falling off and it was white. I decided I would tea dy It brown. I had something else in mind for her hat, I still might change it before Halloween, but I turned put ok. So now we have a cute scarecrow for our Halloween.

Easy Adorable Bunting Tutorial


Easy Adorable Bunting

Hey again, I have come up with another easy tutorial. The great thing about this one is that you can use scraps. You don’t need to run to the fabric store.

So let’s get started.

Depending on how long you want your bunting is how many rectangles you are going to cut. For example if you want 11 flags you will need to cut 22 rectangle because they will be double-sided. I love the double-sided because you can hang them and not have to worry if people see the back.

Cut the rectangle to be 8″x10″.

Cut a rectangle 8"x10"

Cut a rectangle 8″x10″

After you are done cutting you rectangles you need to find the center of rectangle at the bottom. Once that is done you are going to cut from the top left corner down to the marker at the bottom middle. Check out the picture below if you need to.
Now do the same with the other corner so it makes a triangle when you are done.
Next step is to grab two of the same fabrics and put them wrong sides together so we can sew them. I would use a 1/4inch seam when sewing these flags. When you get to the bottom point on the flag, put your needle into the fabric so it will stay where it is at and pick up the presser foot, rotate you fabric so you can sew up the other side of the flag. Make sure you don’t sew the shortest part of the triangle together because you will need to be able to turn the triangle right side out.
Sew all your flags and turn them with the right sides out. I alsi cut the tip if the point off at the bottom of the flag so when you turn them right sides out they will lay flat. Cut as close as you can to the stitching without cuting the stitching. I didn’t take a picture of the next step but all you need to do I iron them flat. Everything looks better and more professional when it is ironed.
Next step you are going to cut three strips of fabric that are 2 1/2"x44" and sew them together creating one really long piece of fabric. Making sure to press open your seams
press open your seams
Stay with me on the next couple of steps. You are going to be doing a lot of ironing. So iron your fabric in half making sure wrong sides are folding together. Do this to the long piece of fabric.
fold and iron in half

fold and iron in half

Now you are going to open the fabric up. The next step is to fold the top and bottom of the fabric lining them up with the crease that you just ironed into your fabric. Check out picture below.
one side

one side

two sides

two sides

After you are done ironing the two sides to the center you are going to fold it in half. This makes it so all edges are finished. Check out the picture below.
folded in half

folded in half

Next we are going to start arranging the flags how you want them. Just lift up the flap of the long fabric and place your flag in the middle and pin it so it stays. Repeat this until all flags are pinned onto the long piece of fabric.
open fabric and place triangle

open fabric and place triangle

pinning flags

pinning flags

When you are done pinning your flags on the next step is to sew. You are going to sew across the long fabric. If I were you I would leave a little extra fabric on the ends so you have something to hang it up.
sew across the long fabric

sew across the long fabric

Now we are ready to hang it wherever you want. Happy sewing.
Finished product

Finished product